NWAPRS serves: Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories,
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana

In remembrance of Tom Devine/KK7FA, sk.

I think everyone will recognize the APRS logo, a sample of which is located at the top of this page. Our own NWAPRS logo, or banner, with the picture of Mt. Rainier, a major symbol of the Pacific Northwest, and the colorful title Northwest Automatic Position Reporting System APRS, was designed by Tom Devine, KK7FA, of Bremerton, Washington. Tom passed away September 21, 1999, at Bremerton, from complications of liver disease and hepatitis.

Tom was an early member of NWAPRS, and the first from the Bremerton side of the Sound. I had many keyboard QSOs with Tom over APRS while he was still active with us, and never knew of his hearing impairment until we met in person and he explained to me why he never answered the phone at home. Tom was active on both VHF and HF APRS, and did what he could to help promote the hobby. He was responsible for bringing on several new members into APRS.

Tom was an avid and professional photographer. Next to amateur radio, photography was probably his life's passion. He also enjoyed the water, and several years ago purchased a sail boat. I remember the day he one-liner'd me to tell me about the new vessel. He was obviously excited.

Tom is survived by his wife Debbie, KC7FYA, of 28 years.