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There are a couple ways to accommodate putting objects onto APRS. This goes beyond the.........

If you correctly input object information into APRS using UI-View, other APRS users, both mobiles and fixed stations, can be kept informed of what's going on with ham radio in your area. Here's how to add an object:

Let's say you want to announce the upcoming Ham Club meeting, which takes place on the second Thursday of each month at 1830 hrs at the local Community College. The club's repeater is 146.88- T123 and there's usually somebody there monitoring to guide people in who can't find it.

In UI-View , first mouse click on the location of the meeting on the map, to capture the geo location. Then go to menu ACTION, OBJECT EDITOR. In the new menu type CLUBMTG or something more unique in the Identifier entry. The coordinates field should already be entered. In the longer comment field type 146.880MHz T123 - Mtg Mar10 1830hr @CC and then select a school or other symbol and click OK. You should see the object appear on your map. The same information is transmitted to the APRS-IS if connected, and out over RF.

Those running an APRS application will see the object on their map, and when clicking on it for more info will find out the day and time of the upcoming meeting.

If you formatted the comment field as exampled above, those with Kenwood APRS-ready radios, and Yaesu APRS-ready radios, will be able to hit the TUNE or QSY button and put the radio into VFO mode and properly tuned to operate of 146.88- with a tone T123.

If it's near meeting time, you can check findu for this entry: http://map.findu.com/IECLUBMTG

After the meeting you can go back to the object editor, select IECLUBMTG and hit the DELETE key to remove it from an active object, or uncheck the active box and let it fade away until a week or so before the next meeting. Don't forget to update the date in the comment field.

Note: Whatever name you come up with in the identifier entry, it needs to be unique so it's not duplicated nearby on RF, or on the APRS-IS.

IRLP: http://irlp.kc6hur.net/irlp_ scripts.php